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Since 1998, Adrian is the co-founder and owner of AND Inc. Previously senior associate at Yamasaki Associates and designer at J.P.R.A. Architects. Adrian’s Degree: M.A. in architecture, from ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urban Design, Bucharest.


Illustration | Photoshop | Microstock

Since 1998, Daniela is the co-founder and president of AND Inc. Previously senior designer at Yamasaki Associates and at J.P.R.A. Architects. Daniela’s Degree: M.A. in architecture, from ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urban Design, Bucharest.


Architect | Advertiser | Web Designer

Since 1998, A&D worked with 90+ clients and companies, on 3000+ renderings and 300+ animations, developed 1200+ media assets, sold on 20+ microstock websites, for 100+ marketing ads and website content, all by using 30+ vendors and affiliates.



As with most creative partnerships, AND stands for our names: Adrian and Daniela.

We are trained architects. We streamline projects, deal with last minute revisions and meet impossible deadlines. (We are architects, right?) We won’t disappoint even the unreasonable, while still staying within a quoted budget. To accomplish this, we use a proprietary, layered design process of 3D modeling/graphic/video production.

Our stock media work mirrors our hobby:  movies. We are Science Fiction enthusiasts and recreational futurists, exploring possible tomorrows  in image, motion and, recently, in writing. As lifelong fans of A.C. Clarke, P. K. Dick and the Strugatsky brothers, we value the classic social fiction with a philosophical dimension.

Outside AND Inc., we love to travel and have visited over twenty countries.  One day we hope to share on this website our world-round stories. Meanwhile, our microstock photo galleries host image selections from several amazing places built by nature or man.


Our visualization services are primarily: architectural renderings, 3D computer graphics and animations.

From Photoshop work to 3D modeling, from illustrations to video, our content focuses on digital, web and social media presentations.

In 2006 we entered the microstock media trading market, by selling photography and 3D illustrations.

A few years later, when agencies started to sell royalty-free footage,  we added motion graphics and short animations to our RF portfolios, as well as AfterEffects video templates. AE allowed us to custom design affordable special effects for animations and web, as well as clip inserts for documentary movies and advertising videos, expanding our business in movie/book trailers and video-reels. Our YouTube and microstock content was part of several History Channel documentaries and was credited in motion graphic books, now released on DVD.


In 1992, two years into our American experience, we opened AND Int’l. AND International started as a freelance, architectural visualization, sole proprietorship. Our projects – moonlight work primarily commissioned by our day-time employers – gave us the opportunity to learn and gain experience in building a 3D graphics business.

In February 1998, with an expanding client base and the generous support of mentors, we incorporated as AND Inc. Our mission statement: “Call us, and we’ll make your client call you” ®, indicates that, at AND Inc., our success is measured only by the success of our clients and business partners.


By application, we use the following programs and plug-ins: 3D modeling and animation: AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX.

Video production:  Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects. Illustration and computer graphics:  Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter.

Web and multimedia design: Dreamweaver, WordPress, PowerPoint, Flash.

Social Media:  YouTube and Facebook We operate on a Windows,  PC platform, and our mobile OS is Android.

As part of an ever-changing industry, at AND Inc. we constantly test new ‘must-have-cannot-survive-without’ plug-ins and media apps.


We moved! Our new ‘brick-and-mortar’ location is in Kensington, Maryland, USA. Online, andonwww.com is still our virtual headquarter. Our microstock galleries are hosted by several websites under the ID: 3000ad. Of these media outlets, our most successful sell agencies are: IStockphotoShutterstock (best sells overall), Pond5 (best in video sells), FotoliaDreamstime (best in photo sells), RevoStock, Crestock, CanStockPhoto (best in illustration), Veer, YayMicro, Panthermedia. Our marketing venues are hosted on YouTubeFacebook and various other social sites, where we operate under the ID: andonwww.


Because successful design relies on out of the box ideas. Because efficient marketing works only when pushing creativity limits. Because we have no overhead and a commitment to uniqueness. Because Awesome! is possible and we know how to achieve it.

All the above considered, it doesn’t mean we’ll work for free. We can, but won’t – unless your project changes the world into a better place, and then we want to be part of it!

So, don’t wait, contact us for your next cg/video/web adventure.


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